Rivertown Dance Academy

Our Curriculum

TINY FEET: For children ages 18-36 months with a caregiver; an introduction to rhythm and movement exploration.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT:  For ages 3-4, this class focuses on engaging the imagination of young dancers, introducing group dynamics, developing rhythmic patterns and exploring the diversity of movement.

ELEMENTARY DANCE:  For ages 5-6, an introduction to basic movement and a classical dance vocabulary in a creative setting; building on the dancer’s growing concentration span and physical dexterity.

BALLET A - E:  In five graduated levels of instruction, training in barre and centre work develops students’ dance vocabulary, alignment, coordination, core strength, and musicality.

POINTE AND (PRE)POINTE:  For ages 10 and up, by invitation. Students are introduced to training for pointework at the barre and in the centre. Students at this level are required to take at least 3 ballet classes a week.


JAZZ I, II, III, IV:  Students are exposed to technique-based, concert jazz classes consisting of a centre barre, progressions, and a combination based in any of the various jazz styles.  Progressive levels build dancers’ awareness of body rhythms, coordination, performance quality, and the ability to master increasingly complex and intricate choreography.


THEATRE JAZZ I, II, III:  For ages 7 and up.  A musical theatre-based jazz class emphasizing the narrative aspect of dance.

MODERN I, II, III, IV:  Dancers are introduced to the modern classical techniques of Graham, Horton, Limon, and contemporary movement forms. Classes consist of a centre barre, progressions, and a combination as dancers explore movement through various shapes, levels, and pathways.


HIP HOP I, II, III: For ages 9 and up, or by invitation.  Class begins with a cardio warm-up followed by combinations that focus on rhythm, energy, individual style, and dynamic versatility.

TAP: Dancers study tap vocabulary and techniques that emphasize the development of musicality and exploration of a full range of rhythmic styles.