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RDA Policies

Class policies

Email newsletters will be available online and by email. All correspondence will be posted in the newsletters to ensure that you will be up-to-date with RDA news and events. Please make sure you list a current email address on your family’s registration form, so you may receive all updates. You can also follow us on our social media accounts to ensure you have the latest and up to date information.
IG: @rivertowndanceacademy FB: www.facebook.com/rivertowndanceacademy

RDA will respond to emails in a timely manner and is available for phone calls by appointment. Do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.

NEW: All students will enter the online classroom through a waiting room. Please enter your name when you enter Zoom so faculty can easily recognize you as an RDA student. This is for the safety of all participants.

Please do not have gum, food, or drinks other than water with you during your online class.
Please do not use your cell phone for non-class reasons while participating in an online class.
Please keep your camera on for the duration of class.

Regular attendance in class is important. Dancers arriving more than 10 minutes late to class will not be allowed to join the class from the Zoom waiting room. This is for the safety of dancers in the online class. If a student will be missing class, they (or a parent/guardian) must notify the Directors. Dancers are encouraged to make-up missed classes.

In the case of individual cancelled classes, dancers will be notified via email. If a class is cancelled within two hours of the start time, dancers will be notified by phone call or email. Classes cancelled until further notice by RDA at any point during the term are subject to a tuition credit or refund. Classes missed because of student leave due a documented medical reason are subject to a tuition credit or refund.

Additional dress code information may be provided by teaching faculty.

Ballet & Early Childhood Classes:
Leotard, ballet tights (pink, black, tan), ballet shoes, optional skirt or dance shorts
Hair secured off the neck and face in a bun

Jazz & Theatre Jazz:
Leotard or form fitting top, leggings or dance shorts, jazz shoes
Hair secured off the neck and face in a bun or ponytail

Leotard or form fitting top, leggings or dance shorts, bare feet
Hair secured off the neck and face in a bun or ponytail

Leotard or form fitting top, leggings or dance shorts, tap shoes
Hair secured off the neck and face in a bun or ponytail

Hip Hop
Dance/exercise clothing, sneakers
Hair secured off the face

* Trial classes can be taken in comfortable clothing before level confirmation is confirmed dance attire is purchased.
** Please contact the RDA office with any financial concerns; we are here to help.

When taking online classes, please wear the footwear that works best with the surface on which you are dancing. Ie. tap shoes do not need to be worn for tap for online classes.

RDA administration and faculty will place each student in the level(s) appropriate for their age and experience. Registration is dependent upon faculty and administration approval.

Payment policies

Payment must be made in full by the second week of each term, or a payment plan must be established, in order to secure a dancer's space. We accept credit cards, checks payable to Rivertown Dance Academy, and Zelle Quickpay (dance@rivertowndanceacademy.org). No cash will be accepted for online class tuition.

Credit card payments are accepted in order to make RDA more convenient for you. Each credit card payment will be charged a 2% transaction fee.
All credit card payments are processed by PCI compliance company, Braintree. RDA does not store any credit card information in our database.

Privacy Policy

Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your donation or class payment. This information is kept confidential and is not shared.